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about us

We want to encourage the spirituality of all our members, to bring them to know Jesus, to be confident in their faith and worship, to be prayerful and spiritual with a strong faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and for them to feel valued and yet challenged.


We wish to be a Christian influence in the parish, welcoming people and being a welcoming place for the community, seeking to work with other churches in the neighbourhood, and to work with those outside our church family.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

who we are

inclusive church

Inclusive Church is a network of churches, groups and individuals uniting together around a shared vision


We believe in inclusive church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate.

Tell Me about prayer

What is prayer? 
What should we pray about? 
How can we pray?
The Lord's Prayer 

what do christians believe?

Why are there so many different traditions?

Tell me about the Bible.

Christians speak of God as 'Father, Son & Holy Spirit', what does that mean?

Do you need to go to church to be a Christian?

This is all very interesting, but how would you sum up what Christians believe?

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