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If you are keen to get involved in a part of church life, or if you have another idea that God has put on your heart, please do contact one of the Ministry Team, we would love to help you to grow the skills and passions that Christ has given you. 

Cafes at 2dartfordchurches, East Dartford Benefice


The café’s at both churches would love help with setting up, serving food and cleaning up. Must be willing to sit and have a natter!

Young people at 2dartfordchurches, East Dartford Benefice

Young People

The young people at both churches are planning to gather monthly, we need lots of help!

Welcome Team at 2dartfordchurches, East Dartford Benefice

Welcome Team

We are always looking for people who can meet and greet before the service, be on hand to answer any questions during the service, and keep any visitors company during coffee time after the service. Do you have a big smile and an open heart? You may be just the right person!

Tech Team at 2dartfordchurches, East Dartford Benefice

Tech Team

We are looking for someone to join the team. This involves working with PowerPoint, music, microphones etc.

Worship, music and song at, East Dartford Benefice

Worship, Music & Song

We would love to have live music at our Sunday services. Can you play an instrument? Can you sing? Please let us know, and help us to lift our voices high!

Transport Team at, East Dartford Benefice


We have some people who are unable to travel to church now and need a lift.  Do you have a car (or a bus!) and are willing to pick people up and take them to church and home again? If so, you are an answer to our prayer!

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